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GoDaddy is Extremely Slow

June 25th, 2009

I've always been a loyal supporter of GoDaddy. I have 10 domain names with them. Few reasons that keep me with them are their competitive price, coupon system and the reliability of their service. I think they are considered one of the pioneer who came into this business in the early stage.

You might say that you can easily find cheaper price elsewhere. And yes, I found it at Yahoo, but what happens after that? Yahoo increased the price without informing me!

However, with all the good stuffs, I don't really happy with them recently. I find that GoDaddy.com main page is taking a very long time to load. Maybe their business is so good that it slow downs the main website. For whatever reason, if they want to be in this hosting and domain business, they should always keep their main page shows up quickly to get the confidence of their users.

Is everyone in other parts of the world facing the same problem? Or is it only Malaysian facing the problem?

I think I shall switch soon, if the problem persists. I really can't afford to spend so much time to renew a domain name.

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2 Responses

Ryan says:

I had the same problem today. It takes forever to login or search for a new domain.

Valerie says:

Have you found a new solution? I have had 1 domain with godaddy for a year and it works great. My newest one was working great for the 1st month, now it takes forever to load. They had me switch servers, but still not working. I’m looking to switch hosts…any ideas are appreciated.