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Troubleshooting Streamyx

December 15th, 2008

I spent 17 minutes talking (and listening to commercials) to a Streamyx technician because she insisted me to do some silly troubleshooting.

My settings: A few computers connected to a D-link router modem. I'm able to access the router page from my PC.

My problem: ADSL/Link light blinking, which is obviously a problem with the line.

The silly troubleshooting instruction:

  1. Do direct connection from the wall socket to the modem, then restart the modem. (Acceptable)
  2. Open your PC, open up command prompt, type: ipconfig, then check the IP address, subnet mask and default gateway is correct. (Why should I do so when I'm able to access to router page?)
  3. Ping your own IP. (???)
  4. Ping your localhost. (...)
  5. Ping your own the default gateway. (.........)

I was wondering how the troubleshooting instructions would help her identify the problem. Finally, she restarted the port at their side and the internet works again.

So, what you should really do, is to ask them whether there's any outage at your area. If there's none, tell them you have done the above then ask them to restart the port.

Other tips:

  1. Make sure you paid your bill. You can check by calling their billing department.
  2. Call them on your handphone or cordless phone, so that you can walk around to do what is needed to be done.
  3. You can save money by calling 100 from your home line, but you will need extra line to do so. Else, you will either get noise (if you have extra extension) or disconnect your own phone.

Enjoy troubleshooting...

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5 Responses

Sze Hau says:

Ha… N years already they are still the same, still giving that kind of “follow the instruction” responses. I understand that they trying to help those non-IT people but even if you tell them you knew the problem, they will still ask you do the same thing…

Abhishek says:

how about a Phone line busy in ADSL ??

EngLee says:

Abhishek, I don’t get your question. I think you are referring to phone line not working when you turn on your ADSL? If that’s the case, it’s probably some problem with your splitter. You could get one if you are not using any.

Abhishek says:

This may be Splitter problem. but i face this a lot. as every one know ADSL technology should not have any of such error.

amy says:

all this ping actually a steps that they have to follow to assist the customer. For ping localhost to check the operating system used if there is any problem. for ping ip address is to check whether there is any problem with nic card and for ping subnet mask is to check for other devices connected like modem, splitter/hub/switch.