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Embed Windows Media Player for Firefox

December 14th, 2008

I have done some Google searches researchs recently to fulfill the requirements of a project. One of them is to embed audio player in them web-based system, which will be played in Mozilla Firefox.

Server side

The HTML code that works for me:

<OBJECT id="Player"
	width="210" height="45">
	<PARAM name="autostart" value="false"/>
	<PARAM NAME="URL" VALUE="test-mp3.mp3">
	<PARAM name="PlayCount" value="1">

Client side

In Firefox, I found that I'll have to install a plug-in from Port25: Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin

The better solution might be to use Flash media player, but most of it are not suitable for a commercial product (unless I write a new one?).

Do comment if you have better recommendations!

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7 Responses

Felix Leong says:

Not particular sure about your needs, but have you looked into FLV generators? e.g. http://www.osflv.com/

EngLee says:

I find that the OS FLV is meant for playing FLV only? It looks like it can be easily embedded into any web page (with one line of code).

But… at this moment, I need an AUDIO player.

Thanks for the recommendation though. I’ll definitely be able to utilise it in other system.

Felix Leong says:

It is to be noted that the reason for an FLV *generator* is the fact that would easily embed an audio player into your page :).

Do recommend that you look the documentation for OSFLV first whether it suits your need. If you are doing intranet app, WMP may not be a silly choice, but if you are doing web-based apps, you seriously need to look into an embeddable FLV player (which you can use PHP to hook it to your audio or video source) for sure (at least that’s the most popular solution).

EngLee says:

Thanks for your advice (and the list of links), bro.

Prabakaran says:

Thanks for your valuable information.

It was really of use to me.


Mark says:

I have had great luck with JW-FLV in the past
The player is pretty darn simple and can process FLV, MP4, MP3, AAC, JPG, PNG and GIF. Not too bad…

Flv Player says:

Thanks a lot for given this great post!