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Just Downloaded Firefox 3.5.1

July 19th, 2009

Installed Mozilla Firefox version 3.5.1.

As with every Firefox release, I was expecting that it would reduce memory consumption, but it's didn't happen, or it wasn't obvious. With only four tabs running, it's using 125MB of memory.

On the UI, I notice a "new tab" button on the tab bar. I would normally have to double click on the tab bar to create new tab. Now, I can do it with single click on that button.

In the Options, I notice a new tab, the Privacy tab. But the content of the tab seems to be taken from other tab to create this new tab.

Nothing interesting. Still, it's worth upgrading. They had put lots of effort to enhance the stability and security of the browser.

Get yours: Mozilla Firefox

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6 Responses

huibee says:

3.5.1? how can i know what my version is?
by checking software there ar? it said 3.0.x
but I just upgraded not long ago
and it crashed 4-5 times so far.. which never happened before i upgraded as required.. zzz
so i should get the 3.5.1 one and problem should probably not happen again?

kns, you know the way it crashed, was all in a sudden – all firefox windows been closed in like 1s = =
and i wouldn’t know when it’s going to happen

EngLee says:

Help > About Mozilla Firefox.

Just download and install again!

huibee says:


cant stand it coz it crashed again..
hopefully it’s ok now..

Fang-Yin says:

I normally use Ctrl + T to open new tab; Ctrl + Click to open link in new tab (seldom use the scroll wheel click coz feel that the wheel is very fragile)

EngLee says:

I’m one of the early adopter of Firefox, but the scroll wheel of all my mice still working fine. I use scroll wheel click to open a link in new tab.

Fang-Yin says:

The mice of both desktops in my house currently have scrolling problem. I don’t know what caused it, but it makes me feel that scroll wheel is pretty fragile.