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My Website Shows Up Differently in Different Browser!

July 21st, 2009

Do you spend hours trying to correct some CSS or JavaScript so that it shows up exactly the same in all browsers?

Most of the time, I am having problem with Internet Explorer 6, which most web designers tend to ignore nowadays. Sometimes, you find that the spacing is different. Sometimes, the alignment is different. These are minor problems that you can't really recall it very well, but it always happen.

You could be spending only few minutes to fix it, and that few minutes can turned up to be few hours of research.

If I can test my system on Firefox and Internet Explorer, can I actually test everything on Opera? Safari? (Yeah, I am the sole programmer and the tester of all my systems! My office is still on the way..)

To avoid spending unnecessary time to deal with the minor problems, I locked my systems to run on Mozilla Firefox only. I'm not sure whether it's a good move, but at least I have a small group of users which I can control and force them to install Firefox.

Finally, I found a website that has the ultimate answer: Do websites need to look exactly the same in every browser?

Cool, huh?

Anyhow, I would still spend time to make sure my system acts the same in every browser, if possible.. How about you?

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3 Responses

Felix Leong says:

One thing is that webpage styling is pain. Recently been more interested in using CSS frameworks like 960.gs and Bluetrip to save the trouble of me making quick wireframes for the site.

There are still things like rounded corners that is a damn pain, as it required a balance between clean markup but with quirky workarounds or having an abundance of filler div tags but achieves 100% compatibility in all browsers.

Even now my site is still only about 80% compatible with IE7&8 and it completely fails in IE6. But I do wonder whether is it worth the trouble to make the rounded corners work with a smaller IE6 audience.

EngLee says:

Haven’t tried any CSS frameworks yet. No idea how it would help solve the problem.

My comment on IE6, “No!”.

Felix Leong says:

For existing sites that’s working, I wouldn’t be bothered. But for new sites, generally using a CSS framework greatly reduce the time to come up with a wireframe and base layout of a site: especially when you plan to have a more complex layout.

It’s really worth checking out.