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Online Advertising: Promoting Competitor?

July 31st, 2009

When come to online advertising, you should always consider properly whether it's appropriate to put up an contextual ads (such as Google AdSense) or not. It is fine if you are running a blog or content based website, but it's may not be so good if you are running a product website, whether it's a free or a paid product.


It's debatable if the ads are raising funds to support freewares like TortoiseSVN, but the ads is confusing the users. The first thing the user sees in the Download Page is the link to VisualSVN, which I suppose to be another company selling similar product.

Of course, the user would be clicking on the link especially when the download links are only shown after the user scrolls down. I assume this would generate good money for them and gets the user confused in the website of another product.

Is this something right? I'm not sure. What I know is TortoiseSVN is a good software.

Update: Forgot to mention about AdSense's Competitive Ad Filter, which is good to filter out competitor's ads, but if the user is not there for that product, would they be interested to buy a car in a software website? Very unlikely, though possible.

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