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AdGenta and Qumana

October 16th, 2005

I came across a new advertising program, AdGenta. They are providing another new idea in the advertising world, which is targeting to bloggers. All their ads are given in image format which can be inserted to blog entry anywhere you want. It is suggested that you use Qumana blog editor to insert Adgenta Ads. However, I still don't have the chance to look at the sample ads (I guess there's some IP filtering problem where only part of the world able to see the ads). So, I don't think I'll have the chance to try it. Hopefully they will address the issue soon.

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9 Responses

cosa says:

I think they did it on purpose (ip blocking), so only people from certain countries would be able to see the ads. I have to use proxy when i tried adgenta yesterday.

also, the stats doesn’t reveal our earning. That’s pretty strange. Only impression, clicks, and ctr, but no earning.

Elliot Swan says:

huh, that is interesting.

EngLee says:


That’s really bad! 2 thumbs down. First, part of the world will see broken ads, which means less ads impression. Second, part of the world won’t advertise for them. I don’t understand why..

Elliot Swan,

That’s not interesting for me! LOL

Anyway, thanks for dropping by!

Oliver Zheng says:

It doesn’t work wahaha. I signed up with a (spoof) email account and apparently it needs activation 🙁

EngLee says:

Why don’t you sign up with your real address? It should require activation!

Oliver Zheng says:

I would never want to put ads on my site. It would be just spam if I signed up with my real email address. I only want to see it in the works 🙂

EngLee says:

Just register an email account for testing purposes! It’s nice to see how each and every program work differently.

Arieanna says:

Lots of commentary here on what we’re doing. Thanks!

I’ll address a few things just for clarification.
– The IP filtering is not intentional on our part, but through our ad supplier. Our beta testing didn’t identify it, so we missed it unfortunately.
– We are working to remove all IP filtering (it’s horrible!!)
– You do need a real email to sign up. Otherwise, how would we know who you are and how to pay you?
– Our stats page is not quite done. Everything will be fully revealed at the end of November, when real time stats will also be in place.

And thanks to anyone who tries the program. Feel free to ping me with any questions.

EngLee says:

Thanks for dropping by to explain the problem. I’m glad I can now view AdGenta ads. Hope everyone in other part of the world can do the same!