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YouTube Mobile Video Streaming with WM6

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

It been a long time since YouTube introduced mobile version of its website. I remember I had some trouble opening the videos with my Dopod D810 when I first tried it. I did not put much effort to make it work at that time.

Today, I'll spend some time to make it work. After some trial-and-errors, with the help of Google search, here are my findings on why my Windows Mobile 6 can't play the videos on YouTube and how I finally managed to do it.

My PDA is connected to internet via wifi (not 3G or any other direct connection to internet). It has Streaming Media application preinstalled, that comes with HTC ROM.

Problem #1
After clicking on "Watch Video" in YouTube mobile, the Streaming Media program launched and instantly get rejected with "Failed to connect." error.

This can simply be fixed by selecting the right connection. It can be done by opening up the Streaming Media application, click on Menu > Options. Select the right connection at "Connect via". If you were to use wireless LAN connection like me, you should be choosing "The Internet".

Problem #2
After clicking on "Watch Video", the Streaming Media program launched and tries to connect, then it failed with "Failed to find network" error.

From xda-developer forum, I understand that to make the Streaming Media program work, we need to make the device directly connected to internet, and not connected to internet via a router. (So, I think those who connect to internet via 3G, EDGE or GPRS should not get this problem)

Option 1
This problem could be fixed by configuring my mobile device to be in DMZ zone, but this is not advisable due to security issues since you are exposing all ports of your device to the internet. However, it certainly worth a try to know whether it works this way. And, I did try to configure my Dlink router and get the YouTube videos playing properly in my PDA.

Option 2
I tried to reduce the number of UDP ports configured in Options of Streaming Media. I configured it range to become 1024 to 2048, allowing only 1024 ports. Then, I fix the IP of my device and port forwarding those ports to my PDA. And I got the videos playing properly. Again, please be reminded that there could also be security issues when you do this, but at least, you are not exposing all the port of your device to the internet.

I guess there is no other options. Please comment if you have any better ways.

Internet Connection Sharing from Windows Mobile 6 to Computer

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

The new Internet Sharing feature in Windows Mobile 6 claimed that it saves lots of hassles to share a 3G/GPRS internet connection from a PDA running on WM6 to a laptop or computer. But it was a bad experience for me. It took hours for me to make it work.

Before you even try to do this, you should make sure that your PDA can browse the web with its 3G/GPRS. If it's not working, you should ask your mobile service provider to get the configuration right. Some service provider requires you to activate the service before using it.

Here the steps on how I finally did it using the USB cable way:

  1. On your PDA, tap Start > Programs > Internet Sharing.
  2. Select "USB" for "PC Connection"
  3. For "Network Connection", choose the one that you will use to connect to your 3G from PDA. For my case, I'm using "Maxis Internet".
  4. Tap "Connect". The PDA will attempt to connect to the USB, then to the internet using 3G.
  5. Then, at your laptop, you will see a network connection, just like another LAN connection that you have.

That's it! You should be able to access the internet by now.

To share a connection with bluetooth has almost the same steps, except that you will need to create partnership between your laptop with your PDA first.

I have a few troubleshooting tips if you can't get it working on your first try.

  • You may need to turn off or configure your Windows Firewall or other firewall that you are using.
  • You should disable other Local Area Networks (LAN) if you have any. (This is the problem that costs me hours)
  • You may need to disable USB connection in the connection settings of your ActiveSync.
  • You may need to disable advanced network functionality in your WM6. Go to Start > Settings > Connections > USB to PC to find it.
  • Having all above done and still not able to get it working, you may try to read help file from WM6. In your PDA, go to Start > Help. Search for "Internet Sharing".

Before I forget, the one important thing that you must do, is to check the price per KB from your service provider. The package that I have here is 1sen/KB. That is equivalent to RM10 (USD 3) per MB. It's expensive but sometimes, it helps when you need to check something urgently.

Enjoy surfing.

What’s DOCX file? How do I open it?!

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007

I made some notes in my Windows Mobile 6 and I thought I could transfer it to my computer to read it. I was very surprised to find the document is in *.docx format. Why would WM6 has a different format and the Active Sync doesn't convert it automatically?!

Frustrated, I search for a converter. And I found that the DOCX is a new file format for Microsoft Office 2007. Suddenly I found my computer is so outdated. And I realize that WM6 came with support for Office 2007. Downloaded and installed a 27.5MB "compatibility pack" recommended by Microsoft.

Finally, my computer recognize the file as a Microsoft Word file, though the icon is not updated. Guess it's a reminder from Microsoft that we should spend money to upgrade..

Details and download here: Open a Word 2007 document in an earlier version of Word

Windows Mobile 6 (WM6) Upgrade for Dopod D810

Sunday, July 22nd, 2007

I did not read about any news that Windows Mobile 6 (WM6) for my D810 is already available, but I see a new link in the Dopod Asia member's page.

Windows Mobile 6 Upgrade for Dopod

Besides D810, the WM6 ROM is also available for 838Pro and P800w. Make sure you upgrade yours!

Go here: HTC Upgrading to Windows Mobile 6

Update: It's also available for U1000 model. For full detail on the WM6 upgrade related matters, read here: HTC: Upgrading to Windows Mobile 6

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