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Internet Connection Sharing from Windows Mobile 6 to Computer

September 22nd, 2007

The new Internet Sharing feature in Windows Mobile 6 claimed that it saves lots of hassles to share a 3G/GPRS internet connection from a PDA running on WM6 to a laptop or computer. But it was a bad experience for me. It took hours for me to make it work.

Before you even try to do this, you should make sure that your PDA can browse the web with its 3G/GPRS. If it's not working, you should ask your mobile service provider to get the configuration right. Some service provider requires you to activate the service before using it.

Here the steps on how I finally did it using the USB cable way:

  1. On your PDA, tap Start > Programs > Internet Sharing.
  2. Select "USB" for "PC Connection"
  3. For "Network Connection", choose the one that you will use to connect to your 3G from PDA. For my case, I'm using "Maxis Internet".
  4. Tap "Connect". The PDA will attempt to connect to the USB, then to the internet using 3G.
  5. Then, at your laptop, you will see a network connection, just like another LAN connection that you have.

That's it! You should be able to access the internet by now.

To share a connection with bluetooth has almost the same steps, except that you will need to create partnership between your laptop with your PDA first.

I have a few troubleshooting tips if you can't get it working on your first try.

  • You may need to turn off or configure your Windows Firewall or other firewall that you are using.
  • You should disable other Local Area Networks (LAN) if you have any. (This is the problem that costs me hours)
  • You may need to disable USB connection in the connection settings of your ActiveSync.
  • You may need to disable advanced network functionality in your WM6. Go to Start > Settings > Connections > USB to PC to find it.
  • Having all above done and still not able to get it working, you may try to read help file from WM6. In your PDA, go to Start > Help. Search for "Internet Sharing".

Before I forget, the one important thing that you must do, is to check the price per KB from your service provider. The package that I have here is 1sen/KB. That is equivalent to RM10 (USD 3) per MB. It's expensive but sometimes, it helps when you need to check something urgently.

Enjoy surfing.

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23 Responses

Stephen Chia says:

Thanks for your advise on the WM6 and getting the laptop to connect to the Internet via bluetooth on the PDA. I tried it and it worked, after nearly 2 hours of frustrating trial and error. I also found out that the leaving the Windows Firewall on is fine.

Plus when the Internet Sharing is happening, it still works eventhough your PDA is in sleep mode as it will keep the 3G connection alive.

I tried it using Windows Vista running on a Dopod (HTC) U1000 PDA Phone with bluetooth.

Thanks for your great tips

EngLee says:

Wow, U1000 is a great gadget. But do you really still need a laptop when you are using it? LOL.

Thanks for you comment and pointing out that disabling firewall is not required.

Blogging from the train.. - The Official Blog of the SBS "Diva" says:

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[…] http://blog.enrii.com/2007/09/22/internet-connection-sharing-from-windows-mobile-6-to-computer/ […]

darrin says:

I have a Motorola Q,
I do not believe that AT&T allowed this feature to be installed.

Where can I download this feature for my Phone,
I would really like to take advantage of this.


EngLee says:

I saw some people mention that Internet Connection Sharing is hidden in Motorola Q.

Try to see if you can find IntShrUI in Windows folder.

darrin says:

It was removed as well,
AT&T did not want this to happen.

I will look around the wed to see if their is a patch or fix


Waqas says:


I want to do opposite what you have done, i want to use internet from my mobile device via computer. My windows mobile device is connected to computer view usb. Although it seems funny, but I want to do it for some purpose.

Stronghold Crusader Extreme says:

Very useful information 🙂 I see there are realy good tips. I am going to use some of them

Partha says:

Thanks for your advice. I have connected and able to browse in PC through Internet sharing but I find that the speed is drastically slow. However, net on the phone itself is pretty fast.
I will try once again tomorrow asper your suggestions and let you know my experiencwe.

hollowman512 says:

I found the fix for the Moto Q, you have to uncheck hide hidden and system files, then you can open it in file manager.

Adam says:

For me the conflict with existing LAN connections occurs only if they and the 3G connection are on the same subnet. The 3G connection uses as a default gateway, so changing my LAN IP to fixed the issue.


Dave says:

Anyone have an idea on a Verizon network Samsung i760? Can not find it

Abhishek Sachan says:

Thanks Bro,

The information you gave was even not available with the Call Centre of HTC,

MY internet is working fine now, YOu are just great

chris says:

it is not working for me, and possibly it is because of the existing network connection. is there a way to have an network connection and in addition the internet sharing over my mobile?

Sridatta says:

Awesome tutorial..

I have seen many tutorials regarding the same thing.. The key point is to enable Internet Sharing which I didnot know..

Thanks a lot 🙂

Kraig says:

I am traveling in Saudi Arabia and bought a local SIM card. I then used my phone to connect to GPRS and used the Internet Sharing to connect my laptop. It worked perfectly for two days. Then, the third day I tried to connect….nothing. After troubleshooting, I discovered I could access a web site if I typed in the actual IP address (e.g. instead of just typing in http://www.google.com. But get nothing if I only type in the web address name (e.g. http://www.google.com). This means there is a problem with DNS. I can’t figure it out. I can get to web sites on my phone, no problem…so the DNS is working on the phone…but somehow it is not getting through to the laptop. I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling Active sync but it didn’t help. Any ideas? I’m pulling my hair out!! Thanks for any replies!!

Letta says:

Thanks for making this available!

Jeff Paul Scam says:

I have been attending Jeff Paul’s seminars for quite sometime. Even though I run a web graphics house I have plans of expanding my business for attracting clients to get their websites not only designed but also promoted

Suhail. A Syed says:

Hello Friend,
iam really very much thankful to u. i was doin research on how to connect my laptop to internet thru WM5 based mobile GPRS. ur blog helped me atlast n iam really very happy n thankful to u

Mitch22 says:

my Winmo phone did not come with “Internet sharing” instead it came with “modem link” which looks similar but i believe Vwireless well monitor me using modem link and charge me for it. does any one know where i can download “Internet sharing”

df says:

I found the hidden file on the motorola q and it works like a charm

Ko2 says:

i have been upgraded my atom from winmo6.1 to winmo6.5. in new winmo i can’t find internet sharing just like in winmo6.1. where i can find .cab file of internet sharing for my new system, thanks.