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All Application Can’t Online Except Skype

November 17th, 2007

A traveling friend told me that she's not able to view any websites with Firefox or MSN. Even MSN messenger is not working. The strange thing is skype is working properly.

What could possibly cause that? A search in Google leads me to another person with the same problem. He failed to get any good answer from the respondents.

A test to ping google.com failed. But a test to ping google's IP address works! It must be domain name server (DNS)!

Her PC was configured with DNS from Malaysian internet service provider (ISP). I told her to remove those DNS servers to make the internet works as usual again.

If you are facing the same problem, refer to this article to remove DNS: How to configure TCP/IP to use DNS in Windows XP

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2 Responses

Jimmy L says:

Very good advice.

I had the DNS die on me one at home too. Resetting the router and modem solved it. Strange thing was some websites could be seen and some website could not. Took me over an hour before figuring out the problem was DNS

George says:

Excellent advice!
I agree that this blog informations. Thanks.