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Google Desktop: Should We Use?

December 6th, 2005

I have just installed Google Desktop for the very first time. It is really a great tool with lots of features in one single application. It has search (desktop and web), mail, news, photo, map, weather and much more. After installation, it began to index everything in my PC and my mailbox. All of sudden, I feel that my every single piece of information in my hard disk is going to be indexed by the application without restriction. Nobody knows what the application is going to do with my information.

I see that all the photos on my PC began to appear on that application. I see that my history visited web pages began to appear on it. After Google has conquered the web, they are coming after desktops? No! I can't wait any longer to see my other information to appear on that application. I quickly turned it off and uninstalled it.

I have always thought that Google Desktop is a great desktop companion but now, I really can’t be sure on that. What do you think of it? Do you use it? How well will our privacy be protected?

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4 Responses

Edrei says:

And you didn’t have any problems logging into your blog? Do you use Bad Behavior? Cause as far as I know…Bad Behavior has some quirks with Google Desktop, it’ll think you’re a bot.

EngLee says:

I don’t know anything about Bad Behaviour. A quick search showed me a Bad Behaviour script. Some kind of spam prevention script?

I don’t have any problem logging into my blog since I don’t have that script. Anyhow, I’ve thrown Google Desktop away! 🙂

gbyeow says:

WL actually looked at Google Desktop awhile back. I told her to just switch it off. Conspiracy theories and all that. Read “The Bear And The Dragon” by Tom Clancy and you’ll know what I mean. Imagine if your PC is connected to LAN and Google decides to wake up your PC (Wake on LAN) and steal all your info without you knowing it. Google Desktop = perfect backdoor for this. But then again, any software that you install (Windows included) is a backdoor for this…

EngLee says:

Agree. Nothing can be done besides trashing them!