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Google Desktop: We Shouldn’t Use It!

December 6th, 2005

I had just tried out Google Desktop yesterday and I'm quite worried whether my personal information is safe to be indexed by Google Desktop. Now, I know it's not safe! Hackers can actually crack through IE to retrieve our personal information in Google Desktop! In this case, I understand that it's IE's fault. However, since this can happen, so I guess, there might be other flaws as well! Always becareful with your personal information.

(via Philipp Lessen)

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3 Responses

Leo says:

Update: Following the publication of the exploit, Google patched their sites to prevent the exploitation of this vulnerability. Therefore, the proof of concept no longer works.

I wonder if this means that users of Google Desktop are still at risk?

EngLee says:

I guess Google has fixed that vulnerability. Still, I wouldn’t let my information to be indexed by Google Desktop! You wouldn’t know how secure it is. Agree?

Clayton says:

This is good advice. Please read this article on Google Desktop 3.


I personally would be wary. Although I use Google as my primary search engine, I would not use it to search my desktop, disk drives or e-mail.