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Submit Your RSS to Yahoo Now

December 7th, 2005

Submitted your RSS to Google Sitemaps? Now, submit your RSS to Yahoo to help Yahoo search engine crawl your site better. (You will need a Yahoo! login)

(via Yahoo! Search Blog)

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4 Responses

szehau says:

ya.. it is a good way of letting search engines know the existing of your site. Normally I will submit my new sites’ RSS to yahoo (MY Yahoo), google (Personalize Home) and MSN (MY MSN). I have tested it, my sites have been crawed and cached within few days (normally 2 to 3 days).

EngLee says:

Hmm.. and now you have a new way to submit your site to Yahoo. 😉

Oliver Zheng says:

Nice find. Just submitted mine.

I’ve always wondered what’s the exact difference between Yahoo, MSN, and Google search engines. My site ranks 8th or something on MSN if you search for Oliver. But it’s not within the first 50 pages on Google. They are using the same algorithms aren’t they? Or maybe they just happen to rank different pages according to different keywords?

EngLee says:

I don’t think they work the same way. I find that my site ranks high easily in MSN, but I can hardly see my site in Google as well.

Google ranks according to PageRank (PR) technology which focus more on link backs (my guess). I think that’s the reason you see my blog is among the top when you search for “Englee” in Google. Other search engines will definitely have their own different ranking technology for ranking sites.

For your case, I guess other Olivers did better than you! But there isn’t too many Englees out there. 😉

Anyhow, submitting RSS to Yahoo will definitely helps you rank better, at least for Yahoo Search.