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WordPress Sitemaps

October 19th, 2005

After Google produced Google Sitemaps, sitemap has become one of the essential things every website must have. With your sitemaps submitted, Google web crawler will be able to crawl each page of your site much easier.

Although Google Sitemaps can accept RSS as an alternative of sitemap, there's still drawback for using RSS. Here's what Google says about RSS:

Generally, a syndication feed does not include all URLs, so if you want to use the feed to let Google know about all URLs in your site, you may need to adjust your feed settings. If your feed includes only recent URLs, Google can still use that information to find out about other pages on your site during its normal crawling process by following links inside pages in the feed. If you use this format for your site, simply submit the URL of the file.

Thus, I do a quick search for generating sitemap with WordPress. And, I found this blog entry with Google Sitemap generator plugin, by Arne Brachhold.

All I did was to install the plugin, just the way I install every other plugin. The site has already provided a very complete installation guide. Head over to get it if you have not installed it.

UPDATE: To avoid write premission problem, you will need to upload 2 blank text file, "sitemap.xml" and "sitemap.xml.gz" to the root of your WordPress. Then, chmod the files to allow WordPress to write the files.

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7 Responses

Elliot Swan says:

good find.

Sebastian says:

Here are some more sitemap goodies, e.g. an editor, a style sheet, a validator and more:
And other 3rd party tools, information and tutorials:

ThatMan says:

Thanks EngLee! I was wondering when a sitemap for wordpress would emerge!
I thought that I’d find it first though! But now you’re the hero!

EngLee says:

LOL! There’s no hero around. We are just learning from each other! ;)

Edrei says:

Been using it for quite a long while now. Make sure you use it in conjuction with the UTW plugin. That should make your posts widely available.

EngLee says:

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll try it. :)

AhYaw.com - Google Sitemap Plugin for WordPress says:

[...] Just added a plugin to generate Google Sitemap. Found this plugin from EngLee’s blog. This useful plugin is by Arne Brachhold and can be download in his blog. So, what is so useful about Google Sitemap? It provide the easiest way for Google to crawl, index and rank your website, and bring traffic to your website. [...]