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WordPress.com Is Now Open

November 22nd, 2005

You don't need invitation for WordPress.com anymore. Before this, you will need to have members of WordPress.com to invite you. Although they are offering it free for registration now, it's still better if you host your own WordPress for the sake of customization. Go register one if you don't want to host your own WordPress. Anyhow, thanks to Leo for the invitation he gave me long ago before this.

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5 Responses

lucia says:

hmm… in the first place, i didn’t know we need an invitation to sign up for WP. i had asked eyeris to do everything for me (that is upload the WP files and so on) but i’m stuck at how to put in pictures (blog header) and some links and all that. actually didn’t really go and study how to do it yet.

btw, i drop in here via toxicle’s blog. i read there that you are interested in the gathering this sunday. you are most welcome! and can bring along friends too. the more the merrier! as i commented in toxicle’s there is no fixed agenda. more of a fun social gathering. if you want to know further details, please email me ok. hope to see you there.

EngLee says:

The WP you talked is the opensource script downloadable from wordpress.org. But, this (wordpress.com) is the free wordpress that you don’t have to do your own hosting. You can just sign-up and use it like what you do for blogger.

Regarding the gathering, I’ll be glad to know more about it. Taking a trip to Penang (correct?) is actually 4 hours away from here. 😉

Leo says:

So all we need to wait for now is the release of WordPress 2.0 (what was going to be 1.6).

EngLee says:

Oh.. WordPress 2.0 is going to be released soon? I’ll check it out.

Blog Software and Blogging Resources says:

Blog Software and Blogging Resources…

Sorry, it just sounds like a crazy idea for me :)…