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eBay Explained! 2005: The Event

November 21st, 2005

Two days ago, I’ve attended eBay Explained 2005 for the Malaysian www.ebay.com.my. I am actually a member of eBay for almost a year but I didn’t know that they are in Malaysia for 1 year only. For this first anniversary, they are giving talks to encourage more Malaysians to utilize and trade on the ebay.com.my marketplace.

In the talk, they first explained on what is eBay. I guess everyone in every part of the world knows about eBay. They ran through the section briefly talking about eBay history, their companies, and some success stories. They also differentiated ebay.com and ebay.com.my to guide Malaysians on when to use which one.

They talked about some selling tips to better utilize the facilities that they provide. Before the session, there was a morning session to discuss about more advanced trading skills for power users. I don't know about it till they mentioned. (UPDATE)

They also brought in DHL (the courier) and MOL to complement the required services to trade better in eBay. DHL explained on two main services to send trade items, they are Global Mail and Express Mail.

MOL informed us about an alternative payment method for eBay, MOLSafePay, which they claimed the service is more secure for both buyers and sellers. They have further plan to allow international users to bank in money to us as sellers in Malaysia. The reason they brought MOLSafePay to the talk is mainly for the PayPal issue in Malaysia. If you don’t know, PayPal does not send checks to Malaysia.

The afternoon ended with one of the doing well eBayers, Carol shared her experience on trading internationally through eBay. She is actually quite successful in eBay with approximately 600 feedbacks or, at least quite successful among Malaysians in this business.

For the first anniversary celebration, they ended the day with a party in Lola Lounge, Kuala Lumpur. I got some freebies there by answering some quizzes along the night. I’ll further share what I learned there on my few upcoming posts.

Next post: eBay Explained! 2005: eBay.com Vs eBay.com.my

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