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eBay Explained! 2005: eBay.com Vs eBay.com.my

November 22nd, 2005

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Though all of us know about eBay, not many of us know the difference between the ebay.com site and the ebay.com.my site. Here are few reasons to trade in ebay.com.my, instead of ebay.com.

  • Free of charge
    I wasn’t aware of this till I heard from them. Before I heard from them, I don’t know that the eBay.com actually charges their sellers for each item they post. I was still wondering on how the earn money.
  • Target audience is Malaysian
    When items you are selling is targeted to Malaysian. By the way, if you are selling items on the eBay.com site, it will also feature in eBay Malaysia if you are targeting Malaysians.
  • Selling bulky items
    If you are Malaysian, you can consider selling big items simply because of the internal shipping in the country will saves you big bucks.
  • Selling in very short time
    You expect to close any auction or sales in a very short time as the delivery time is short. If you are shipping internationally, you might have to wait for weeks to have the item shipped till the whole deal is completed.
  • No worry on international shipping
    It’s always a worry when you are shipping internationally. You can save the hassle for that.

There are always advantages for paid sites. The same applies to eBay.com. Here are some reasons to use ebay.com:

  • ebay.com is a full site
    This simply means the site has all features you will ever need to gain more profits through eBay.
  • You have an international market
    Your target customer is so much bigger. Probability to get somebody to bid or buy your items must definitely higher.
  • Utilize the different tax rate in your country
    Every country has different tax rates when importing stocks from other countries. You might be able to buy some items in a shop and get sold easily just because of the lower tax rate in your countries.

Looking at the pros and cons of the sites, I think that eBay.com.my should be a very good place to learn and grow before I make big trades in the paid eBay.com site. Or can I be very successful in eBay Malaysia? I'll have to try it out to know better. Anyhow, there might just too much things to worry if I'm going to join international market directly. Don't you agree?

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2 Responses

kenny Lee says:

posting in malaysia will only show in ebay.com.my only, not in ebay.com.
you still have to pay to post internationally.
be noted.

for me, lelong.com.my is far better ebay.com.my
( i am a frequent seller last time)

[Edited: Combined 2 comments into 1]

EngLee says:

Yes, post in ebay.com.my only if “Target audience is Malaysian”. Thanks to emphasis on that.

I’ll be glad to hear some stories from lelong.com.my as well, if anybody would share.