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eBay Explained! 2005: Selling/Auction Tips

November 24th, 2005

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During eBay Explained! 2005, eBay also shared a few selling or auction tips. Since I still don’t have any experience yet, I’ll just write tips they revealed (that I managed to jot down):

  • Plan auction close time
    It depends on which part of the world is your target audience. Choose the time when most of your audiences are available to do the bidding. (This tip applies to ebay.com)
  • Check the popular end days
    According to eBay statistics, the most popular close day is Sunday, followed by Monday and Thursday.
  • Picture says a thousand words
    Use a good picture that best represents your item. Take some time to catch a nice photo and crop it to 64x64 (the correct size for eBay).
  • Correctly capitalized title and contents
    Simply means neat contents and avoid all capital letters.
  • Appreciate title space
    Use title space for displaying related information, not attracting phrases such as “Must see” or “CLICK HERE”. Include additional info, for instance payment or courier options if you really have extra space.

From these few posts, I suppose I’ve written all that I learned from eBay Explained! 2005. I’m going to start my eBay plan now. If you hear me sharing my experience after a few months, I must have made something out of it. Wish me luck!

By the way, do share some tips to help me, if you have any.

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4 Responses

elb says:

Let me share with you what I find most annoying:

1) Hidden charges. I.e. product is cheap but the postage cost is mental.

2) Using keywords which DO NOT describe the goods that a buyer is after. For example, if I search ‘Canon’, I expect only Canon products to show up. But there are cases where the product’s title goes as ‘Nikon not Canon’. It only serves to irk me.

And oh, the more pictures, the better. And please be honest and if a second hand product has scratches or damage, SAY SO. You’d get more return customers if you’re honest!

elb says:

Bah, I wrote some stuff earlier but when I submitted the comment it did not show up.

Anyway I have decided to elaborate in better detail at my blog, http://perplexed-peace.blogspot.com

the two links in particular are:


EngLee says:

Glad to have experienced eBayers like you to share your experiences here. Your comments have to be approved before it show up. Don’t get frustrated! 🙂

elb says:

englee: yup I think I did eventually realize it, just that I did not really see any notification that it would need approval. Or maybe I’m just blind :p