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Java’s Source to be “Opened” Incrementally

July 19th, 2006

Java Robert Brewin, co-CTO of Sun Microsystems revealed that open-sourcing of Java programming language will be done incrementally. However, they are still having problem on how to keep Java compatible, and how to ensure that no particular company uses market forces as muscle for its own implementation, a move that would threaten Java's 'write once, run anywhere' mantra.

In the news:

I'm wondering if that will affect Java programmers? I suppose it won't. What do you think?

Update: Read more comments on this topic at digg.

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8 Responses

The Doctor says:

If anyone’s worried about different implementations of Java floating around in the near future, then Java should just be standardized.

Andrew Pennebaker says:

Heck yes! What has the iPod done for the media industry? What has TCP/IP done for networking? What has open source done for anything?

Open sourcing Java means security fixes, experimentation, performance tweaking, lite/portable versions, a greater understanding of Java for us programmers. Wider use in the business world.

It means more research into compilation, byte code, VMs, OOP, sandbox security models. More software written in Java, as the Java community shrinks and accelerates the core of Java.

It means more Java on iPods/Blackberries/whatever. Did you know the original purpose of Java was to integrate remote controls, washers, dryers, and other electronics? It’s finally doing that.

Sun Microsystems is scared silly, but it means they made a good decision. It means Java developers are now leet h4xx0rz, too.

congchau says:

I would like to develope a project management software using Java. Could you tell me where I can get the best open source to shorten the developemt cycle, please. I meant the framworks, source codes or libraries.


miles zarathustra says:

I just ported an applet to Swing, to ensure that the look and feel would be the same (as Sun claims) on all platforms.

What a laugh.

On Linux alone, running I saw radically different L&F in two different browsers. On Windows, it was different again. On my machine, it ran OK in Explorer, but on my friends it didn’t. (the app was targeted to Java 1.4, and he had 1.5 installed).

Not to underestimate the tremendous challenge that Write-Once-Run-Anywhere presents, it’s ironic that Sun is worried about “preserving” WORA. Before you can preserve something, you need to achieve it first.

Jim Peterson says:

Lol yet another oppurtunity for Microsoft to screw up Java. I’m glad they’re going open-source, and I think we’ll see some cool things happening with the code.

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Eric Paul says:

No one can Beat to Java Language because i Think, java platform will become also an important Linux language.
and that’s sure, we’ll see some more Fantastic changes happening with the code.