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Java’s Source to be “Opened” Incrementally

Wednesday, July 19th, 2006

Java Robert Brewin, co-CTO of Sun Microsystems revealed that open-sourcing of Java programming language will be done incrementally. However, they are still having problem on how to keep Java compatible, and how to ensure that no particular company uses market forces as muscle for its own implementation, a move that would threaten Java's 'write once, run anywhere' mantra.

In the news:

I'm wondering if that will affect Java programmers? I suppose it won't. What do you think?

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Java: String Equality (Common Mistake)

Wednesday, March 15th, 2006

A very common mistake that lots of Java programmers will make is to use "==" to compare strings, rather than ".equals". That's what I keep reminding myself all the time and I never use "==" to do any string compare.

Just today, when I was testing a Java program, I noticed that the programmer used "==" to compare strings, everywhere in the 4000-line program. Why there's no logic error in the program? Why is the program still getting the correct output?