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Google PageRank Update

October 22nd, 2005

Google has just updated PageRank (PR) for websites this morning. I saw an unbelievable PR value for my blog because this blog is only 1 month old. Anyhow, do check your PR if your site have improved to a better value. The easiest tool to check site page rank should be Google Toolbar. If you are too lazy to install it, try PRsearch.net.

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8 Responses

Leo Kent says:

Pretty cool, I found I got a pagerank of five quite quickly after opening mu blog. It must be just that blogs are easy to get page ranks with…

By the way, on Firefox 1.0.7 (linux) the comment box hides itself under the meta sidebar block. You might want to think about shrinking the size of it a little.

Elliot Swan says:

Looks like the update came early, I didn’t think people were expecting it for another month or so.

My blog got a three (i was hoping for a little higher, but I suppose that’s not bad for only being open for a few months).

cosa says:

Congrats! Getting PR5 is quite easy, but it’s hard as hell to get pass PR5 🙂

LcF says:

congrats on PR5. 🙂

szehau says:

Congrats! I only got PR3 for my site … maybe no update for blog recently.

Jacky says:

So nice. Feel happy for you.
My blog has only managed a PR4, hopefully she can do better next time.

EngLee says:

Leo Kent,

I’m quite agree that blogs tend to get higher PR, simply because we update our blog, almost daily.

Elliot Swan,

Hope you can do better next time. I think I’m just in the luck, I see that you are doing much better.

cosa, LcF, szehau, Jacky,

Thanks, guys. Hope that all of us will do better next time. 😉

Diseñador says:

I do not know if Google updates the pagerank, but I already has over 1 years with a PR4, every time Google does not put it more difficult to attract visitors to our site, Google wants all the web traffic for them, is not just be left to compete and I am trying to get by with Google Adsense.Pero really earn a pittance if you have it 5 to attract more visitors.