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Show Your SEO Skill to Win USD1000!

December 29th, 2005

When I was browsing around forums, I came across this SEO (Search engine optimization) contest. All you have to do is to make a site to rank top in Google search with a set of given keywords (which will be announced on 15 Jan 2006). I would say that it's definitely a great chance to compare your SEO skill with other SEO experts.

Contest details:

  • Goal : To win, you must place 1st in Google (organic SERPs) for the keywords
  • Start Date : Jan 15, 2006
  • Finish Date : May 15, 2006
  • Prize : $1,000 (First), $500 (Second), $100 (3rd - 5th)

Will you go for it?

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One Response

Leo says:

Sounds fun, but I guess it will be hard as many people will be trying the same thing!