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You’ve been invited to create web albums using Picasa

June 15th, 2006

Want to put your photos online quickly and easily so you can share them with friends?

You can. You've been invited to try the latest features in Picasa, Google's free photo software. As always, Picasa is a great tool to help you find and edit the photos on your computer. And now, using its new Picasa Web Albums feature, you can also use Picasa to share your pictures online. Click on the link below to accept this invitation and in a few simple steps we'll show you how to download Picasa and set up your own Picasa Web Albums (if you already have Picasa, we'll show you how to upgrade to the latest version):

<link to accept invitation>

By accepting this invitation you'll get:

* A free download of the Picasa software for uploading your photos to the web in one or two clicks.
* Your own shareable Picasa Web Albums homepage showing all your public albums.
* Enough free storage to post and share approximately 1000 photos (an option for upgrading to more space is also available).
* Big, high-resolution pictures that set a new standard for online viewing. You can even download a friend's photos off the web to print at home using Picasa.
* Fun easy-to-use online tools, like captions, comments, rotate, zoom, and full-screen slideshows.

Learn more about what's new in Picasa here:

As always, we appreciate your help in trying out our newest products and features. Please contact us at any time at http://picasa.google.com/web/user_fqg.html with suggestions of ways that we can improve your photo sharing experience.


The Picasa Team

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4 Responses

LcF says:

not yet. pls review it for us 🙂

EngLee says:

Just posted my experience with Picasa Web Albums. Take a look.

Leo says:

Yeah, got mine. Got it uploaded….

Viktor L. Takacs says:

Please invite me too!
viktor.takacs at gmail.com