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Simple Folder Gallery

November 29th, 2005

I'm almost done with development of a simple photo gallery for myself. As the title stated, it's a folder based gallery where the script will treat folders as albums and no database required. Since it doesn't utilize database, I can simply add or remove any folder or any image anytime. It also generates thumbnails for by running a script thru browser.

You must be wondering, why should I create a photo gallery myself when there are already hundreds of free PHP galleries available out there. The reason is simple. I’ve tried out Gallery2 and found that it’s really a very good script. I can even upload a zip file to server then easily instruct Gallery2 to unzip it and make it available to my visitors. However, sometimes, it has some problem generating thumbnails. Then, I had some problem deleting the album. After spending quite some time to trace those problems, I finally decided to develop one of my own.

Now, I'm in dilemma whether I should share it on the net or I should keep it to myself. I might have to improve my codes if I'm going to share it out. What do you think? Would it help somebody out there?

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9 Responses

farking says:

sharing is always good.someone will able to help to improve it.choose ur licensing whether it’s GPL or anything.

Elliot Swan says:

Sounds like it could be pretty cool…

EngLee says:

Then, I’ll make it available for download as soon as I finish the final function, paging (it’s currently one single page for all images). If you would like to have a preview, you can head over to my testing gallery, enrii.gallery to take a peek.

ecnl_nks says:

Cool program…How long do you take to create the program??What do you use to write it??What Language do you use??Can I have your e-mail??

EngLee says:

It’s a PHP script. I’ll email you.

Arstan says:

Hello Enrii! can you send to my mail also?

Thank you!

Indra81 says:

Wow cool script! I was looking everywhere for a simple folder gallery..Then I came across this one. Very nice work. Could you pls share it with me.

izzaboo says:

I’d love to take a look at this script. Many of the galleries I’ve tried are much more than I need! Are you still sharing this script?

EngLee says:

Frankly speaking, I still haven’t clean up the code yet. May not be appropriate for sharing yet.

I’ll update on my blog when the time comes.