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Firefox 1.5 Released (Another reblogging)

November 30th, 2005

Mozilla has just released Firefox 1.5 this morning. I don't have time to make any post till now. So, get yourself updated, if you haven't.

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4 Responses

szehau says:

Updated! Installed in my PC

EngLee says:

I’ve also updated myself, but I don’t see any differences. I guess it’s only some security fixes.

Elliot Swan says:

The back/forward buttons are faster, and you can move tabs around. Updates are supposed to be faster, and they now “support” CSS3 multi-columns (though it’s not exactly what I’d call support….).

I already had an extention that was exactly like this movable tabs thing, and now over half my extentions don’t work.

I’m not too impressed.

EngLee says:

I didn’t notice that the tabs are movable until you mentioned. It’s a good feature for me. I can update most of my extensions without any problem. You must have used too many too advanced extensions. You’ll have to wait till the programmer get it updated. Patience!