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Google Talk Webmessenger

December 1st, 2005

Gtalkr is a web based instant messenger that allows you to log into your Google Talk account and chat with your existing contact list. Basically, it's just a replacement for the desktop Google Talk, just like we have a MSN webmessenger for MSN messenger. For a long term basis, a desktop messenger would definitely do better than a web based messenger.

For the moment, I don't see that it's useful as most of my pals have not migrated to Google Talk yet, though I admire the simplicity of the interface. In addition, Gtalkr is neither a Google's service nor affiliated to Google. So, try at your own risk! To know more about Gtalkr, Om Malik has a very good review on it.

Update: It seems like the service is not available anymore. I suggest you use your Gmail to chat online. (Thanks, Gonzalo)

Update: Google has a new online Google Talk service for this purpose.

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7 Responses

Leo Kent says:

Looks quite good, but I prefer Meebo.com which is an ajax web messenger application.

EngLee says:

I read about it at your blog. I’ve just went over to take a look at it. It’s really a nice one and it incorporates so many IM networks. Cool!

Gonzalo says:

The service no longer this available

CHAT ME in my Google Talk: gonzifpARROBAgmail.com


shrinath says:

Guys google talk web messenger is available. Please try this link http://www.google.com/talk/

EngLee says:

Very nice. Thanks, shrinath.

neeru says:

can u tell me the way to get the gtalk in my gmail as it is not coming there….
reply me on (removed email address)

EngLee says:

Maybe you need to register your Google account at Google Talk website first.

Additional information: Gmail Chat