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New Blog Portal Launched – Blogtal.com

November 27th, 2005

I’m honoured to be invited by szehau to be one of the testers for Blogtal.com. After a short testing period, it finally launched on 2005.11.25 (Friday). You can now get your blog exposed to more bloggers by sending trackbacks to Blogtal.com.

The concept of the site is actually quite simple. If you are just looking for blog to read, you can just visit Blogtal to read the latest blog entries from Blogtal members. If you think your blog deserves more readers, then you should join the Blogtal community. Whenever you make a post, just add the trackback link (given by Blogtal) to your trackback list. Your blog entry will immediately appear on Blogtal main page.

As an alternative, if you find adding the link each time you make a post is troublesome, you can use auto trackback plugin for WordPress by Edrei to help you fill in the trackback link. In addition, by using the plugin, you can send trackbacks according to your categories. Here’s how to do it:

  • Create multiple blog profiles in Blogtal for each of your categories (max. 5).
  • Associated each of the profile with a different category
  • For each of the profile, you will be given a different trackback link.
  • Configure the trackback link for each of you categories (using the auto trackback plugin).
  • Make your posting and see result at the main page of Blogtal.

I guess that’s all information you will ever need to join Blogtal.

If you have any issue regarding Blogtal, feel free to make a comment here or szehau’s post on Blogtal. Have fun!

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4 Responses

toydi says:

That’s a innovative idea of the use of trackback.

But most bloggers prefer to use lots of different tags/categories to label their entries in a single blog. AFAIK, blogtal.com is categorizing incoming pings based on per blog, not tag nor category of the entry.

When the users grow larger, it might turns out a lot of entries sit in a wrong category. OTOH, technorati.com is allowing users to label their blogs with max of 20 tags. Maybe that will allow bloggers to ‘tag’ their blogs more accurately.

Well, just my two cents. 😉

EngLee says:

You can actually send trackback according to your categories by using the auto trackback plugin. I’ve the instructions up there! 😉

toydi says:

Just a follow-up. I think blogtal.com is lack of something comparing to del.icio.us and others..something in this:


EngLee says:

Oh, I’ll take a look at it and examine what can be done to enhance blogtal.com. Thank you very much for the comment. I’ll be glad to receive more enhancement comments.