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Troubleshoot A Missing Post In WP

December 2nd, 2005

Yesterday, when I was trying on w.bloggar, I encountered a situation where my post does not show up on my blog (the main page) but it shows up in admin page. My best guess told me that it must have been caused by database inconsistency that w.bloggar created.

Thus, I spent some time to look for the solution. And I found a WordPress support page regarding this issue and I learnt the fact that WordPress does not show future posts. Then, when I go back to the admin page, I noticed that the timestamp for that particular post has been incorrectly set to the next day by w.bloggar when I was trying to edit a post using the tool. After I corrected the time of the post, the post eventually showed up on my blog. Another thumb down for w.bloggar.

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8 Responses

szehau says:

Oh.. that’s too bad.. it is must be a bad experience for to use w.bloggar

EngLee says:

I guess it’s might be a small bug to be fix by w.bloggar because I made the post before 12am and edited and saved the post after 12am (a special case, I guess). Anyway, since I’m not happy with it, I’ll try on other blogging client.

Leo Kent says:

I found the same thing when I used similar tools, however I also found they would appear after about 10 minitues, even on a computer which hasn’t already cached my site… weird!

EngLee says:

I believe that this is caused by the time difference between your PC and the server you are using (the 10 mins you mentioned). Therefore, you might want to adjust your PC time to be exactly like your server time so that it will display the post immediately. WP just won’t show future posts.

Oliver Zheng says:

I used w.bloggar before and encountered the exact problem. The problem is – w.bloggar doesn’t take account for the time zone, which WP does. Since WP only displays posts made prior to the current time, the posts made by w.bloggar (which are +0 hours in terms of time zone), will always be displayed a couple of hours later. Unless you edit the time zone in WP, this can’t be fixed.

EngLee says:

Oh, it seems like it’s a known bug and no one is fixing it! So, any blogging tool recommendation from you all?

Aarohi Johal says:

Qumana. The only one that seems to come close to ‘stuffed’. It resembles ecto in terms of features and appearance and its also free.

Btw good reasearch on w.bloggar. Never spotted all those weaknesses before.

EngLee says:

So, Qumana is my next!