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Adsense DIY Troubleshooting

October 25th, 2005

If you are familiar to Windows Troubleshooting system, you will probably like to troubleshoot Adsense ad problems on your own. Google Adsense is providing simple wizard-style troubleshooting method for us to bring ourselves out of trouble!

Currently the wizard is only available for the following problems:

I think most of the bloggers would be interested to learn more about improving relevancy of Adsense ads, simply because better relevancy equals higher click through rate (CTR). Take a look if you find these topics interesting.

Do note that you have to clear your cookies if you want to try a second wizard when you didn't finish your first. This is mainly because it only clears your cookie when you finish your wizard.

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6 Responses

Oliver Zheng says:

I’m actually thinking of placing Adsense on a part of my site and came across many problems. The PSAs only display if the page that the ad is on hasn’t be indexed yet right? And sometimes clicking the actual ad (by other people) doesn’t actually count for the clicks. Why?

EngLee says:

Finally, you want some ads on your site! ๐Ÿ™‚

PSA might also be displayed when Adsense can’t find any ad from the topic you are writing. You can choose to have your other ad (maybe affiliate ad) or maybe collapse the whole thing when Adsense can’t find any relevant ad. Adsense suggests some other possible problems.

As for actual clicks without pay, my guess is your visitor clicks on PSAs. Or maybe Google detect it incorrectly? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Leo Kent says:

Why the heck does it want me to delete all my cookies and cache?

Although I don’t regually go through all pages of my site, I don’t believe that PSAs are very common unless you have a blank page which hasn’t been crawled. The problem I am having with adsnese is they won’t send out my PIN and I have now passed $118; they said they would send it at $50.

EngLee says:

They actually want you to delete one certain cookie which actually stores the information for that wizard page. I’m too lazy to look for it, maybe you can try to find it?

I’ve just got my PIN number few weeks ago. All I can say is, be patient! It took few weeks for the PIN to travel, especially to my country. Anyhow, you can request another PIN number after the specified date. If the first PIN comes after you request second PIN, the first PIN will still be working. So, cheer up!

Oliver Zheng says:

Hehe this is great! I just made $1.27 today by testing it out on some random page! I know you aren’t supposed to reveal your earnings, but for an average blog, is that high or low? $1.27/day. Cause I would be very happy if my site generated that much money ๐Ÿ˜€

EngLee says:

I think it’s ok to reveal your total earning. It’s against the rules if you show your other information like CTR and CPM.

I think $1.27 is good for a typical blog. There’re some probloggers (professional bloggers) who make a living with ads in their blogs. So, I guess high or low depends on your target. If you plan to use the earning to cover your hosting expenses, that’s supposed to be high enough. But if you plan to eat with it, you are still very far away.

I still don’t make a single cent from the Adsense in this blog. ๐Ÿ˜‰