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I Hate To Be Tracked By Adsense

September 23rd, 2005

As what you can see on my blog, I'm a Google Adsense user. Checking Adsense statistic has been one of the activity I did frequently. In the Adsense report, I hate to see inaccurate page impression count because my own visits are included.

And, I thought of using cookies to avoid myself to be tracked. Here's how I do it (if you might be interested).

Firstly, I add a new php page (e.g. "myself.php") to the root of my wordpress with this code:

	// a cookie for 10 years
	setcookie('myself', 1, time() + 60 * 60 * 24 * 365 * 10);

Then, I add the following code to each Adsense scripts:

	if (!isset($_COOKIE['myself'])) {
<!-- Place your Adsense code here -->

After that, I point my browser to "http://blog.enrii.com/myself.php". Then, I don't see any Adsense ads anymore. I remove the "myself.php" after that to avoid other people to use it. This should work with site counter scripts (e.g. Statcounter) as well.

The down side of this is I need a second browser to test my ads placement or remove the "if" code out of Adsense script. Hope this helps somebody. Or, is there any better way?

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10 Responses

Leo Kent says:

That is actually quite a good idea, maybe it could even be turned into a WordPress plugin; that would also enable you to turn it on and off. The problem I have with Adsense is that I have two sites each using the same account and so I can’t tell which site has made the money.

EngLee says:

If that’s the case, you should use channelling function provided by Adsense. You only have to configure the website URL to track the performance of that site.

szehau says:

Instead of hidding the adsense code, you can also show an image which has the same size with the adsense ads:

Avoid additional Adsense impression from publisher


EngLee says:

Good idea. With that, you can do your adsense placement properly without having to remove the “if” statement.

Oliver Zheng says:

Oh my god. I just manually set a cookie to my Opera browser for your domain – now that ad is gone! I wonder how great the world would be if every site was like this 😛

EngLee says:

No.. No..! How possible is that when you don’t know the cookie name? I’m not using the example name (“myself”) for the cookie on my site!

Oliver Zheng says:

Oh really? Maybe it’s my Norton that blocked it 😛

boringest says:

why not just use adlogger? not only can you track your clicks but block multiple clicks and also stop your own browser from displaying them on your site.

EngLee says:

Sometimes, for such an easy stuff, I would like to do the programming myself, rather than using something I don’t know how it works.

Kelvin17 says:

Only the form of the supply is changed, not the total. ,