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Windows Vista Developer Center

September 20th, 2005

All Microsoft-based programmers, move, move, move! It's time to discover about developments for the new Windows Vista (Longhorn). When I was exploring MSN Search's WebLog, I discovered Microsoft Windows Vista Developer Center. Am I too late to learn about it? I think this is supposed to be the main website created by Microsoft for them who want to keep themselves updated with hows and whats of application development for the upcoming Windows Vista. Enjoy learning!

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4 Responses

Ripcord says:

Thanks for the congratulatory note….but I’m not a programmer at MS. =)

EngLee says:

You are welcome. Even not programmer, everybody knows it’s hard to get in there.

Oliver Zheng says:

It’s been there for a while. It’s not going to be released any time soon though 🙁

EngLee says:

Yea. At least we can keep track what they are doing thru the site.

So, for now, to be ahead of others, what we can do is just to read and learn about it!