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Download and Dual-boot Windows Vista Beta

June 12th, 2006

Windows Vista Windows Vista Beta is available for download at Microsoft website, if you didn't hear about the big news lately. Alternatively, you may download it through BitTorrent (Good job, Chris and Jake). Then, you can dual-boot Windows Vista with your Windows XP with this Lifehacker tip.

I'm not ready for such huge installation for myself. I've too many thing in progress and can't afford to lose any data as the beta operating system might cause instability. Hope you can try it out! Have fun.

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2 Responses

CypherHackz says:

I personally think will not use Windows Vista coz it use too much memory.

gbyeow says:

Was thinking of trying it out cause its about time I format my PC anyway. Then realised that I only have 256MB of memory…