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Microsoft Further Delays Vista

May 3rd, 2006

It seems like Microsoft is having fun delaying their upcoming Windows Vista. They first decided to release it end of this year. Then, they delayed it to beginning of 2007. Now, they are going to make us wait another 3 months to improve the product's quality.

In Reuters:

Gartner targets a Windows Vista release in the April-June quarter of 2007, nine to 12 months after Microsoft conducts a second major test, or "beta," release for Vista during the current quarter.

I've upgraded my RAMs for it, but the operating system still has a long way to be released.

Anything you want to say?

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5 Responses

Anurag Bhandari says:

Yeah! I was aware of this fact since the last month. Read it from a computer magazine. It’s a news really very sad. 🙁

EngLee says:

Am I that late (again)? I’m quite busy lately, no time to update myself with tech news. 🙂

Oliver Zheng says:

That is sure sad. I’m kind of hoping to use it, but seeing how it’s been delayed so many times, it probably won’t surprise me with new features.

Steve Tucker says:

I dont mind waiting a few months longer if Microsoft pull the finger out and actually make good use of the extra development/testing time. The windows series are getting better, particularly in the face of stiff new competition like ubuntu, but there are still more bugs than im happy with. Lets hope the delays are worth it!

Malaysia Property says:

it is actually good….so XP will last longer…no need to buy new copy of windows…which is expensive lohhhhh