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Windows Vista Successor – Windows Vienna

January 19th, 2006

"Vienna" will be the next code name for Microsoft Windows operating system, after Vista. Hey Microsoft, we're still waiting for the official release of Windows Vista.

[via Paul Stamatiou]

In the news:
Vista's successor to be code-named Vienna
Windows Vienna to follow Vista

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4 Responses

Anurag Bhandari says:

Its nice to hear that the successor of Vista is coming soon, may be it will have a much more enhanced GUI and desktop(may beat even the best looking SuSE Linux) and simultaneously demand more hardware acceleration and resources than Vista. But, like you, I too think that its too early for Microsoft to take this decision as Vista is still not launched and hence, people’s opinion on it has not yet build up. The next verison of Windows must be based on the surveys regarding Vista. Nevertheless, leave Microsoft on their part. 😉

Alex says:

heyy guys.

i scrolled the web and found these pictures:


wat do you recon? real or fake?
its supposed to be of windows fiji, which is the code name for either the service pack or semi major release of windows, between vista and vienna.

EngLee says:

From my understanding, Windows Fiji will be the second release of Vista while Windows Vienna will be another whole new version of Windows.

Thomas says:

From my guess is that those screen shots are real. Unless the producer of those photos was really clever and put a person’s head in the way in the second photo but on the other hand. Looking at the first photo, the clarity of that screen, compared tot he clarity of the screen next to it kinda makes it look as if its a mock windows shot with some clever 3D rendering.