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Better First Impression for Your Blog

January 18th, 2006

When you meet a stranger, you will normally will judge that person on the very first impression and give that person a score, whether to trust him or not, whether to know him better or not. Do you realise that you are actually doing the same thing when you first visit a website?

According to a research published in BBC News:

Researchers found that the brain makes decisions in just a twentieth of a second of viewing a webpage.

So, what are you waiting? Shouldn’t you start re-design your blog? Or you don't agree with the statement?

As for myself, I've always want to have a design of my own for my blog. I've started drafting it since the day I start this blog. Still, I still haven't had the time to fully implement it. Or, should I say I can never happy with a single design, which made my design never being implemented into codes.

Anyhow, I think every bloggers should spend some time on the design and layout of their blog. It can be for better blogging experience, if not for better first impressions.

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3 Responses

silveraven says:

heyz, your blog template is nice. 🙂 i’m also getting around making a nice new template on my own but it’s gonna take some time. good luck to you!~

felixleong says:

The research on human’s short attention span and the ability to make quick judgement is pretty well established. No point of denying that.

But other than that, it greatly depends on your targeted audience. But at least keep your site easy to read and easy for the eyes and the audience would usually tolerate with the aesthetics if you have good content.

Web design isn’t really easy work. I have started doing so from Form 4 and even now I’m still brewing an all purpose flexible 2-column layout XHTML + CSS code myself. Cross browser compatibility is definitely P.A.I.N.F.U.L.

That is my #1 priority for Bold Strokes v0.6 😉 (My blog’s theme, which is still a heavy W.I.P. – Work In Progress)

Leo says:

I can certainly believe that first impressions are everything. Only problem is when I design, I spend most of my time redeigning what I did the previous day so never really get anywhere…