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Windows XP Can Run On Intel-based Mac?

March 17th, 2006

Not too long ago, Windows XP on an Intel Mac was promising to reward $100 to the first person who is able to come up with the solution to make Windows XP dual boot with Mac on the new Intel-based Mac.

Then, with the addition of funds from generous donors, the total prize now had gone up to a whopping $13,854. And, the latest update from the site showed that the prize had been won.

Do you believe that? This actually means that we will be able to have Windows XP to dual boot with Mac! Even Apple Computer engineer can hardly believe it.

At the moment, no one can be sure whether the solution is reproducible or not, at least the winner had proved that it is possible!

A big congrats to the winner: narf2006.

As the evidence, the winner had actually provided a video on how to do it. And, here's some related photos that showed Windows XP on a Mac.

Looking as the two wonderful operating systems can now run on the same computer, will you consider to get a Intel-based Mac?

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