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9charities: Web Designs For Charity

March 21st, 2006

9charities, a new project by 9rules, is going to do charities by doing web design for 9 charitable organizations each year.

Charitable, non-profit organizations do good for people around the world, and the 9rules Network wants to help out the best way we know how.

9charities is a new 9rules project — led by 9rules Network members — that picks nine charitable organizations per year and provides web consulting and design free of charge.

Sincerely, I really like this project. Firstly, those charitable organizations can reduce their expense on their website to spend more on donations. Secondly, we get to see more nicely designed sites. I’m sure better design will gain more visitors to the site.

I wonder what it takes to be part of 9rules.

(via Elliot Swan)

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