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Failed to Submit Online Forms

March 21st, 2006

Have you ever experience that you can’t submit any online form? Each of the sites I visited loaded up correctly but when I submit my login information, it responded with page not found. And this happened when I have an important reservation to be made online, before I go to bed!

I did whatever I can to fix it, but with no success. I tried to restart my router, used IE (instead of Firefox), check windows processes for any unknown application, spend a long time to scan for viruses and finally I called up my friend to see if he’s experiencing the same problem. It seems like I’m the only one with the problem.

Finally, I attempted to use my sister’s PC to do the reservation, which I suppose it won’t help. But, it just worked.

After I’m done with the urgent reservation, I got back to my own PC to fix the problem. As far as I can recall, the very next thing I did was to restart my own PC.

Unbelievably, everything is working again. I really like to know if there’s anyone out there experienced this and learned the cause of it.

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4 Responses

Clare says:

I am having the same problem, I cannot submit any forms e.g. send eMAil online? Any suggestions how you fix this? I tried clearing the cache on my browser, enabling cookies. I also restarted my computer but I still can not submit any online forms.

EngLee says:

Have you confirm that your network is working, probably with another computer? Have you try other browser?

I’m just another victim. Not sure how to fix it yet. Please let me know if you found a solution.

Clare says:

I solved my issue. It is a problem with my ISP, there is problems for all users using sites with HTTPS. They are changing the hardware they are using or some excuse like that.Also the shared IP address the ISP is providing are blacklisted by Spamhaus.

EngLee says:

Good for you. 🙂