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AMD Slashes Processor Prices By 47%

July 25th, 2006

AMD As a response to Intel's move to cut processor prices, AMD slashes their processor prices to continue competing and gaining processor market share from Intel.

As expected, AMD rings in the next round of the processor price battle with Intel. In an effort to remain competitive, the company today slashed the prices of all desktop processors. In the strategically important field of socket AM2 CPUs, the drop averaged 47% - which may not be enough to retain overall price/performance leadership, according to TG Daily findings.

It would be interesting to keep this price war going. And we, the comsumer will be the main beneficiary. However, I do hope that the quality don't go down like the price.

For a full story with price list, go here: AMD drops desktop processor prices by 47%

In another story, AMD has finally announced that they are buying ATI, after such a long rumour. Read AMD's press release for details: AMD and ATI to Create Processing Powerhouse

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