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Ubuntu Is The Leader Among Linux Desktops?

July 20th, 2006


eWEEK.com recently reviewed the latest version of Ubuntu Linux, Ubuntu 6.06 LTS. As they compared the linux desktop operating system with other linux distros, they commented in their article "Ubuntu 6.06 Is Current Desktop Linux Champ" that:

Canonical's Ubuntu 6.06 LTS is an excellent Linux-based operating system—so excellent, in fact, that it not only earned eWEEK Labs' Analyst's Choice designation but has also become our clear favorite among Linux desktop distributions.

They also discussed in another article on whether Ubuntu would pose any threat to Window Vista. Though I believe it won't, but I strongly recommend you to give it a try. Here's some screenshots.

Speaking of Ubuntu, I just got my CDs yesterday, after requesting for them on June 8th, 2006. If you don't want to wait that long (well, it's more than 1 month for me) and you live somewhere near Malaysia, I have a few extras. Just leave a message in this post and I'll try to mail it to you as soon as possible.

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9 Responses

pinolobu says:

i like ubuntu too, but i cant seem to make it work with my Aztech adsl router (streamyx), nor my notebook’s builtin dialup modem. any ideas?

the nic it detected, no problems there.

EngLee says:

Since you have router, all you have to do is to configure your LAN. This guide might help you on this:

Simple Wireless LAN config procedure

Aarohi Johal says:

The fact that most people look over… Ubuntu provides the best ‘support’ around that you ever wish to find. Every answer is just a few minutes away from the answer… the thing that makes Ubuntu the brilliant distro that it is.

Aarohi Johal says:

*question.. not answer. sorry

Anurag Bhandari says:

I too agree. Now, I’ve been using Ubuntu since three weeks, and in this time I found the support for it very good. The Ubuntu Universal Repository is something that really makes it to the top, besides its cool looks.

Saad says:

Can i have the cd!

goatdude says:

any site to download Ubuntu for free??

EngLee says:

Go this link: Ubuntu Download Page

reash says:

I am a huge fan of Windows Operating Systems but I have tried using one of Linux’s operating system “Ubuntu” and its quite easy to handle…