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Intel to Cut Processors’ Price by 60%

June 9th, 2006

Bloomberg.com reported:

Customers of Intel Corp. said the world's biggest computer-chip maker plans to reduce prices on Pentium processors by as much as 60 percent to reclaim market share from Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

I'm surprised to hear this, but I'm very pleased to have even cheaper PCs. Good move!

Although AMD is doing well in recent years, I never really like them.

Additional information: AMD increased its market share of the overall x86 chip market to 21.4% versus Intel’s 76.9% as of the end of 2005.

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One Response

Rob says:

This is vintage Intel. Check out their cash position. They could afford to do this for years….it essentially amounts to Otellini saying something like this:

“OK, AMD you got us last time around with your product offering. Now we’ve got something that looks at least as good as yours. We’re miles ahead of you in terms of production technology. You can’t come close to us in terms of capacity. Our stock price sucks…we’ve got nothing to lose. See if you can match this product-price offering?!”

It’s pretty damned interesting one way or another…