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Yahoo! is Charging USD34.95 for Domain Name?

October 26th, 2008

Few days ago, I received an email from Yahoo! Small Business reminding me to renew one of my domain name with them. Then only I realised that the credit card I registered with them has been replaced few months ago. I didn't really do much as normally, GoDaddy (I have many domain with them) would remind me so many times to renew a domain.

Until yesterday, I received a similar email again, titled "Past-Due Payment Reminder", and the amount was 34.95. I thought it must be in Malaysian Ringgit, however it is still expensive it is showing in Malaysia Ringgit.

So, I think I should find out what actually happened. I found out that Yahoo! has announced that they had increased the price of a domain to USD34.95. Wow... Should I say I'm lucky because I have replaced my credit card? I would have been charged without any notice from them. I didn't receive any email from them telling me the new rates!

Is this a trap? Actually, I bought this domain few years ago from Yahoo! because they were selling a domain for only USD2.99.

Now, I believe the domain should be expired but the website seems to be still running. The email I received was actually came on the day the domain expired.

So, I try to transfer the domain to GoDaddy. GoDaddy seems to be making so much business from Yahoo's new domain price. They even wrote a PDF guide to help you transfer domain from Yahoo.

I'm still not sure whether it would work, since the domain is expired. Nonetheless, I have done everything stated in the guide. The final stage would be to wait for Yahoo registrar to approve the transfer.

Wish me luck!

(Anyhow, the domain does not have anything running, so I think if I were to choose between paying USD34.95 or lose it, I would prefer to lose it!)

Update: Transfer successful!

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14 Responses

szehau says:

Ha, luckily I had transferred all my domains to namecheap. For me, Godaddy is a bit complicated.. haha

EngLee says:

Good for you. GoDaddy is not complicated, they only have too many buttons to press before you come to the checkout page.

Recently I found that their website and domain manager takes a long time to load. Hope it will be better soon.

Jason Gaved says:

What a complete joke! I would go with 1&1 as they are doing 0.99p for the first year then then £2.99 for the second year. Total Price = £7~ with VAT etc. Not bad!

Good blog, nice read 🙂

gbyeow says:

I just let mine expire. Like you, my credit details changed. *Phew*

EngLee says:


I receive another email from Yahoo, titled “Account Suspension Warning”. Emailed Yahoo support. Not sure I’ll end up in the same fate as you, or it would be successfully transferred to GoDaddy.

huibee says:

i dont even know what domain is when you first mentioned.. =.=”

Richard.H says:

I found this post while I was waiting for a operator in the call to Yahoo’s customer services. Yes, it’s indeed increased. Thanks for the info btw.

Going to do the same as you did – move to Godaddy.com

Yahoo domain raised to $34.95 says:

[…] I was out on hold for more than 30 minutes, I found another blogger posted this information too. We had the same situation, our credit cards were about to expire. But thanks […]

Seviris says:

I haven’t seen any notices about my domain from Yahoo. I had transferred the domain a year ago to Godaddy immediately after purchasing it from Yahoo. Yet, yesterday Yahoo charged my credit card the $34.95. This seems a bit absurd to me.

AhYaw says:

I’m the unlucky one. I was charged $34.95 by Yahoo without any notification on the price increase!

Same as you, I will transfer my domain to godaddy too.

Richard.H says:

I have successfully transferred mine. And I got an email from Yahoo this morning.

Important note: We do not automatically cancel your plan when you transfer your domain. Any Yahoo! services associated with your domain, such as email or web hosting, will continue to work normally until your domain expires.

To cancel your plan and terminate any future billing, please sign in to your account at http://smallbusiness.yahoo.com/services and click the “Cancel Plan” link under the plan you want to cancel.

EngLee says:

Yes, I think I did that too. A good reminder to all. Thanks.

mark says:

Yahoo charging 34.95 to renew a domain is ridiculous! I mean if they are going to up the prices, especially in this economy, due it like to 14.95 or maybe even 19.95….those prices are doable. But to go as far as 34.95 that is just insane and it just goes to show you that yahoo is the worst place online – I think everyone should ban using them for yahoo mail, news, and more! Who is going to join me?

eglence says:

i did a mistake and lost 34.95 $ – i tried to cancel the account but mistakenly i forgot to approve it – i noticed it after my paypal was debited. although domain was not very useful i extend it one more year via transferring it to another reigstrar – i paid 1.99+34.95+transfer cost for 3 years. (kral oyun)