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Check Domain Names Availability: The Faster Way

December 14th, 2005

It normally takes a long time for me to find a good domain by checking thru a domain names registrar. I'll have to type it in, and then wait till the page loads up to know whether the domain is available. That should take at least few seconds for each query. Now, I can do it the very much faster way with the ajaxed domain names search engine, Instant Domain Search. Although it only can check availability for .com and .net domains, it's already very sufficient for a normal user like me.

(via TechCrunch)

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6 Responses

sotongpo says:

I prefer the yahoo domain services. It will show out availabilty for .com, .net, .org etc and other quite ok domain suggestion

EngLee says:

I couldn’t deny that a normal domain registrar provides more detailed services. 🙂

I would say that this is a good option only when you are working on trial-and-error method to find a good .net or .com domains. It would save you a lot of time.

Leo says:

Neat, it allways takes ages for godaddy to referesh the page…

In about a years time or so we will never have to load another page again with all these ajax sites now 😀

EngLee says:

Yes, it’s so much faster! 🙂

toydi says:

the only reason why AJAX-like web app always faster is because less data bytes are returned in the response, and less contents to be rendered. 😉

EngLee says:

Agree. Most of the time, they utilize XML for file transfer. They transfer only the essential data and “refresh” only the essential part of the page. 🙂