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Use Gmail with Your Own Domain

February 13th, 2006

Google has just announced that they will be offering service for you to use your own domain email address on Gmail. This is interesting and I'll be glad to try it out. However, after a few searches in Google, I still can't find any additional information about the service other than those provided in Google blog and the "Gmail for your domain" site itself. You can add yourself to the beta testing list at the site if you are interesting.

(via Leo Kent)

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3 Responses

Elliot Swan says:

Very interesting…

Alfred says:

i signed up for the service but then they are taking more than a month to validate the account

EngLee says:

I don’t think so. They are quick. I also heard that their customer service response promptly. Maybe you should send email to their customer service to check the status.

I signed up log time ago with a referral from a friend. So, I don’t have the experience to sign up with them directly.

Wish you luck..