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Using More Than One Email Address with Gmail

February 23rd, 2006

After reading this article on Gmail fixed reply problem, owning more than one email address is so much easier now. Since I'm using my Gmail email address as my primary email, I still have some other email address such as the one with this domain.

What I normally do is to configure my other email accounts to forward all messages to my Gmail account. I guess most of you also would do the same. However, when you receive those forwarded emails accounts, you'll find that you are having problems to reply them using your Gmail account because the from/reply-to address is going to be your Gmail account.

Previously, if you notice, you can configure a fixed reply-to address in your Gmail setting. But that doesn't solve your problem, because you may have more than one addresses. You will need to configure each time when you receive a forwarded message from a different mail box of your own.

So, now, Gmail has added an option which allow you to reply from the same address the message was sent to. Go to your Settings > Account > Send mail as to take a look!

Another good step that Gmail has taken is to authenticate whether you are the real owner of the mail address. After you have configured Add another email address in Settings > Account, Gmail will be sending a verification message to that email address to verify you.

I find it great. How about you?

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2 Responses

Abhay says:

Very Nice findings.. Keep it up…

Terence says:

I would like a number of email addresses much the same as Yahoo’s AddressGuard feature, but I can’t find any option for this. I thought I read somewhere that this option is available in Gmail too. Maybe I’m not looking hard enough. I hope that’s the case 🙂