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Gmail Inbox Full? Purchase Storage!

August 11th, 2007

I remember I wrote about my Gmail inbox was full last time. It is indeed full all the while. Just today, I see a big message on top of my Gmail inbox as soon as I logged on.

You are almost out of space for your Gmail account.
You can view our tips on reducing your email storage or purchase additional storage.

I would say the tip is generally useless as it's only teaching how to empty your trash. But, purchasing additional storage may be helpful if money is not a problem for you. The deal was quite good.

  • 6 GB ($20.00 per year)
  • 25 GB ($75.00 per year)
  • 100 GB ($250.00 per year)
  • 250 GB ($500.00 per year)

What do you think?

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4 Responses

Anurag Bhandari says:

Whatever price these GMail guys demand for extra space, I think BUYING extra space for the inbox is futile when you have other alternatives as Yahoo! Mail, which offers unlimited storage now.

But if one is too much of a GMail addict, then extra space would be a must buy for him/her.

EngLee says:

I don’t know Yahoo is offering unlimited storage!

Anyhow, it’s not easy to change email address, when you have so many contacts.

I’m quite a “Gmail addict”, but I would still prefer to do cleansing instead of buying storage. After all, all that lay in your inbox are probably not important, especially those forwarded video clips.

Chris says:

Fortunately, I haven’t even managed to fill up 10% of my Gmail yet.

I’m going to try and stay on top of it and start doing occasional maintenance before it gets out of control.

Hanaba says:

The “You are almost out of space for your Gmail account” message got my attention. So I paid $20 for extra storage. After the requisite 24-hour wait, nothing’s changed. I still have the warning message and they’re telling me that I’m using 99 percent of my space. I’m scared. I’m writing my weekly newspaper column about my situation. But Google probably won’t read it. (It will be published Monday, Aug. 17, at timesrecordnews.com.) Meanwhile, I’m trying to learn more about what’s what. I barely know the difference between IMPA and POP. Actually, I don’t. Hanaba