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My Gmail Inbox is Full

April 28th, 2007

You are currently using 2814 MB (98%) of your 2845 MB.

Will Google give me an exception? I really need more space. If you are not aware, Google disallows you to send emails when your Gmail space is almost full. I always need to delete messages before sending messages.

I hate it when I have finished a long urgent message and Google is giving me a "Your message could not be sent because you have exceeded your mail quota" message.

If Google really can't provide extra space, I really think they should provide the functionality for us to sort our message by attachment size. That's what I do when my Microsoft Outlook inbox is getting full.

Anyhow, Digital Inspiration has put up a very good article on this issue. These few tips had helped me a lot:

  • Search "has:attachment from:me" - With this, I can easily identify messages with attachments that I have forwarded to my friends. These messages are certainly duplicate information that shouldn't be kept.
  • Search "filename:jpg" - This returns a list of all emails with JPG attachments. You can use it for other file types.
  • Search "before:2006/01/01" - Combine this search with the previous 2 will help to identify older messages.

It takes slightly longer to fill up my Gmail now.

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5 Responses

Yuki says:

Wow LOL! Nice one on filling up Gmail rofl.

EngLee says:

It’s not that hard, with the speed of broadband to upload videos and images into Gmail.

Abubaker says:

I tried these tips, deleting spam, sent items and even few mails in inbox. But the size is not reducing.Its still the same. Any clue?

EngLee says:

Did you empty your trash?

Abubaker says:

Oops..I did that now and it works fine..Thanks for that.