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Empty Gmail Inbox

April 20th, 2008

Three weeks of hard work and I finally cleared my inbox, from 3,000 messages to 0 message. Maybe I'm not as effective as the problogger who took only a day to do it, still, I managed to clear it! Some of the mails in my mailbox dated year 2005. That was the last time I cleared everything. It even run out of storage at some time, luckily Google increased it.

All I did was to label each of the email with related Gmail labels (I have 20+ of them), then archive it.

If you are interested to do the same, Lifehacker has a good guide on this.

Other than my mailbox, I also just remove all icons and files from my desktop. I love empty desktop. Especially when I need to show it on a projector when I am doing a system demonstration.

I also had a paper tray that keeps all documents pending to be filed. Two hours of filing work yesterday, it is also empty now!

I feel good now. Hopefully I could keep them always empty after this.

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