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Recent AdSense Improvements

December 16th, 2005

I was away from my PC for few days due to sickness. When I log on to AdSense today, I saw a number of improvements.

Custom reports to your inbox
In few simple steps, you can now have your custom reports being emailed to your inbox daily, weekly or monthly.

New AdSense search design
The Google logo has been removed from the search. It’s now in button, “Google search” instead of the old “Search”.

Some theme to spice up your ads
You can have your ads match your season by simply enable it with a few clicks. It’s currently available for Wide Skyscrapers only.

As for myself, I'll enable the themed ads and have my custom reports being emailed to me. I don't think changes to search design would do any difference.

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4 Responses

lilian says:

I have the adsense notifier on my firefox, so I get to see the figures ALL the time. 🙂 Addiction.

EngLee says:

I also have it on my Firefox at home. Still, I need to check it everyday when AdSense day closes at 4pm (Malaysian time) when I’m in the office. 🙂 Addiction, too.

gbyeow says:

We all need help… 1 more hour before I’ll get my daily fix. Haha. I’m sure I’ll be disappointed today.

EngLee says:

You are already doing a very good job in maintaining Boredworkers. No worry, man. It will improve!