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Fight Comment Spam with Akismet

December 16th, 2005

I’ve heard of Akismet for quite some time. At that time, I thought the amount of comment spam on my blog is still at acceptable level (once or twice per week). Now, I’m receiving few of them each day! I’m really too lazy to delete them everyday. Hence, Akismet!


  1. Register yourself at WordPress.com
  2. Login to your WordPress.com, and then go to “My Account” to get your API Key. (Yes, you are allowed to use your WordPress.com API Key for your external sites)
  3. Download the plugin at Akismet download page.
  4. Upload your plugin file then activate it.
  5. Key in your API Key to Akismet configuration page (You will know where this is after you activate it).

Be aware that the plugin sends your comments to Akismet server to check if it’s a spam. Also aware that if you mark a comment as spam, the information will also be sent to Akismet server.

I see it as a community approach to fight spam rather than a privacy issue. So, join me to help fight spam (and also get less spam on your blog)!

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6 Responses

ChrisKalani says:

This seems to be a bigger problem on blogger than most.

EngLee says:

Yes. Try it! 🙂

I still haven’t receive any spam yet!

Elliot Swan says:

Very interesting….Though I’d worry that I’m missing comments that were blocked but aren’t really spam.

EngLee says:

No worry, man. All the blocked comments will be stored your database for 15 days before it is deleted. You can check thru the akismet spam page once in a while, to avoid false block. Also, with a single click, you can delete all of them.

Anyway, I see that it is doing a great job. It has blocked 52 comment spams so far. 🙂

Felix Leong says:

Like I always say, spammers are like cockroaches.

EngLee says:

Luckily I have a good insecticide, or at least it’s good for the moment. 🙂